The Journey of SILVER BROWN

Out of Left Field

SILVER BROWN was originally envisioned as a trilogy. I later scrapped that idea, reforging it as a single volume in three acts. Similar to Nineteen Eighty-Four. With a few differences. The acts in my particular yarn aren’t formally numbered. Brief artistic interludes separate them instead. Ones that feature diagrams I created myself depicting islands featured in the world of the story, or the insignia of witchly organizations. Like this one…

sisterhood oggbrew

Last week’s draft had a Chapter Nineteen. Then one fine morning I decided to remove it from the manuscript. Entirely. After letting it sit for an extended cooling period, it dawned on me upon re-reading it that too many details about the mysterious shapeshifting entity known as Isimud were being needlessly spilled. I conceived this entity as a Catwoman-like character, in the sense that the question of whether he’s a good guy or a bad guy is open to interpretation. Chapter Nineteen killed too much of the mystery I was going for. It also had that out-of-left-field Whiskey Tango Foxtrot quality to it, like the “Piper at the Gates of Dawn” chapter from The Wind in the Willows. But I regret neither writing it nor tossing it. The process of writing it served as the creative appetizer to make me hungry enough to write the chapters that came after it, so everything has its place.

Be here now. Speaking of shit coming out of left field, this is how that castle is coming along. The one I talked about last time.


The Bullhorn of SILVER BROWN

Now Playing: The Final Exam Part II

Chapters Niner (I spelled it like that on purpose) and Ten of SILVER BROWN are being cast into the Twitterverse as we speak for the viewing pleasure of the fine folks at home. A new page a day, as usual. There are evidently a lot more people at home now. So I thought, why not? These chapters constitute the second part of the Final Exam story arc, immediately picking up from the point in the narrative where we see the witch Florys MacNab swallow some nasty thing she probably shouldn’t have…

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The Bullhorn of SILVER BROWN

Now Playing: The Final Exam, Part I (The Late Show)

An encore presentation of Chapters Seven and Eight of SILVER BROWN is showing at the Olde Zuckerberg Theatre, today being the opening day. At a rate of one page a day, as is the usual custom. In these chapters, the witch Florys MacNab visits a mysterious program called Yggdrasil, which (aside from the presence of some kind of tree) bears little resemblance to its mythological namesake. There’s at least one other allusion to the Icelandic sagas in the text somewhere, and a hyperintelligent puffin…