How To Do Graffiti Right

This pretty much sums it up. All of these images were taken by me in two different cities sometime before the the world became ravaged with pestilence, using Little Jeannie who has since retired to the great network in the sky. But time and the death of my old smartphone hasn’t diminished their brilliance any.

I wanna be Pope just so I can have the Sistine Chapel repainted like this.


Ogden Point, Victoria 🦑⚓🍁

In the capital city of the province of British Columbia (which is not Vancouver, but is located on a nearby island of that name), one finds a big long slab of concrete that juts out into the Pacific Ocean. I once accidently dropped my phone screenfirst on said concrete slab. Good thing I invested in that military-grade protective phone case. It took a lickin’ and kept on tickin’.

The touchscreen didn’t get a scratch on it either. Money well spent.
A species of seaweed native to the Wet Coast. Or the Kraken’s tentacles.
Victoria’s skyline is instantly forgettable, but it’s got big boats.
The restaurant at the end of the universe.


Summer’s Last Crumbs: A Duology (Part II)

I was not aware that entire buildings were constructed for such a purpose. That’s now a thing that I know.

Two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese…

Regrettably, Jack-in-the-Green mysteriously disappeared the other weekend, somewhere along another nature trail near another lake. This is his replacement, Professor Plum.

I would have called it Deep Purple if it was a slightly different hue.