That Auld Autumnal Rite🔥🍂

Now on TikTok, in a historic first. I spotted an imported vodka at the liquor store called “Prince Igor” that I thought would be more apt as the rocket fuel for this, but ultimately went with a domestic brand, to keep my money out of Russian coffers. Would’ve thrown in a disclaimer here about how I meant no disrespect to Banff, except that nobody in Banff is actually from Banff. It’s a tourist town, where people might be conceived but are never born or raised. Last time I was there, half the town was Australian.


So if this Elmer is a bull, then that means the glue came from…

These and other thoughts raced through my mind as I prepared the ugly head for the sacrificial effigy I do every Halloween. A seemingly daunting shitload of schoolwork to do that afternoon, but the brief artistic diversion gave me my groove back.