The Soundtrack of SILVER BROWN

All Rise for the Transylvanian National Anthem

In the midst of an entire year that has felt like one big Halloween, the observance of the holiday itself almost seems superfluous. That being said, the very existence of an annual celebration of all things macabre and frightening suggests such phenomena are a significant part of the human experience. No matter what happens in any given year, there will always be a Halloween. Here’s some freaky-ass music to play in the background while we’re all dancing with the demons in the blue moonlight

The Soundtrack of SILVER BROWN

Pure Sonic Halloween

This is actually my first blog post in years. I’ve molted a few karmic exoskeletons since I wrote my last one, so it’s difficult to say for sure if the same me that’s currently tapping on Black Betty’s keys is the same one that wrote that last blog post on Lucille three years ago (the laptop I had between Black Betty and Lucille had been christened Matilda; she suddenly retired to the great network in the sky on the first freaking day of classes this year after only two years of service, may she rest in peace). At any rate, it’s a beautiful thing to be standing naked before the world again.

Now that we’ve gotten that one out of the way, I shall help myself to one lousy mindless fanboy moment and proclaim from the rooftops that nothing says Halloween to me like the musical stylings of Diamanda Galás. What this woman does with her voice is nothing short of incredible. You can actually feel the demons she’s summoning rising from the ninth circle from hell to fiddle about with your soul like wicked Uncle Ernie…