The Green Grass of SILVER BROWN

Maui Wowie: A Review

Anybody who knows me well knows I dig the ganja. I've smoked it all from Jack Herer to blueberry kush and everything in between. Indica! Sativa! Various hybrid strains! Homegrown! Edibles! Dabs! You name it. I've even tried one of those newfangled vape pen jobbies. Yet strangely enough, I've never smoked Maui Wowie. Until recently. My… Continue reading Maui Wowie: A Review

The Green Grass of SILVER BROWN

Her Majesty’s High Again, or The Silver Bullet

While we're waiting for the abomination to hatch out of its cocoon (it'll start raining dead birds at that point so I hope y'all have your umbrellas ready), let me treat you to a guided tour of my glassware. The use of a bong is my preferred method of smoking these days. I used to… Continue reading Her Majesty’s High Again, or The Silver Bullet

The Journey of SILVER BROWN

All Hail The Queen

It was three years ago today when I lost one of my closest friends to cancer. In keeping with my personal policy of keeping the identities of all people mentioned in this blog confidential, I shall refer to her in this blog only as “The Queen”. That was not the name on her passport, of… Continue reading All Hail The Queen