With a heavy heart, I announce that the Blood Bullet is no more. After nearly two years of loyal service, my old sneak-a-toke pipe got lost somewhere in the interdimensional netherworld that is the space between car cushions. Fortunately, smoking implements of this type are as easy to replace as they are to lose, available at many a head shop for a song. I now give you the photographic debut of the Blood Bullet’s successor, which I have christened Jack-in-the-Green. After the Jethro Tull tune.

The bowl screws off, like so…
This strain is called Sasquatch. It’s a sativa-dominant hybrid.
I mostly included this pic because the backdrop is scenic AF.

The Soundtrack of SILVER BROWN

These Should Be Christmas Songs (But Aren’t)

Expanding on my last post about Christmas music, here are a small handful of tunes I think should be added to the regular rotation of Yuletide standards if they should happen to enter the public domain sometime before humanity becomes extinct. First, I give you a joyous and festive number celebrating the reason for the season. Which is axial tilt, of course.

This next song lyrically gives an interesting take on the traditional story of the Nativity. The notion that gods and angels are in fact extraterrestrials will no longer be considered fringe ideology after the next Enlightenment happens, I’m pretty sure of it.

Finally, a tune that will enter the public domain sooner than the others, because all these guys have since left us. At least the guys that made any significant contributions to the band’s songwriting output (Marky’s still around, but he was just the drummer). This rightfully should be a Yuletide standard on even par with anything Bing Crosby did. What’s not to love about the Ramones?