The Green Grass of SILVER BROWN

An Email From My Old Lama (sort of)

Several lifetimes ago, when I was but a wee strapping young lad of twenty-three on the mean streets of the ‘Peg, I digested the writings of the gentleman pictured above. A New Yorker with a Jewish upbringing who spent most of the Seventies living in India studying Dzogchen under various lamas. Even after all that time on the Subcontinent, Lama Surya Das has never lost his thick Brooklyn accent.

I got this in my inbox recently, and my mind was blown clean off. It was probably just all the THC running through my veins at that moment, but the guy in the picture struck me as a dead ringer for Lama Surya Das. Maybe it’s a sign, like those reported visions of the Virgin Mary that keep appearing in grilled-cheese sandwiches. More likely though, it’s simply something to smile about.


The 2020 Year-In-Review Post Has Been Cancelled

Nobody really reads these things anyway, so it’s all good. A lot of great things got cancelled or postponed this year, but at least that gawd-awful reality show starring a certain evil clown washed-up game show host got the axe as well. See? Silver lining.

Not pictured: Jeremy Bulloch and Leslie West, who arrived at this party too late.