The Bullhorn of SILVER BROWN

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Chapters Three and Four of SILVER BROWN (which are actually the fourth and fifth chapters respectively, the first chapter being designated Chapter Zero – if you’ve ever studied computer science you’ll get it) are presently being showcased on my Twitter feed. From now until August 10, give or take. One page at a time.

I change the pinned tweet on my feed frequently, and have been doing so for years. When I unleash one of these chapters upon an unsuspecting Twitterverse, I do that by pinning a new tweet to my feed every day at the crack of dawn – a task I don’t even have to roll my ass out of bed to accomplish, thanks to those newfangled smartphone thingies (what a time to be alive!). A never-seen-before brand spankin’ new page is unveiled to the world in said pinned tweet, always in correct sequential order in relation to the previous day’s page, so the fine folks at home can read along. And indeed, they do. Whatever you throw out into the Twitterverse will inevitably get read by somebody, even if it sucks.

Forgive me if I sound like I’m tooting my own horn, but there’s been a sharp uptick in my Twitter followership in the last week. We’re not exactly talking the kind of numbers following the likes of [insert name of current pontiff or flavour-of-the-month pop star or K-pop band here], but it’s indubitably a larger-than-usual increase over the number of followers I had from the previous week. I’ll take that as an indication that at least some people out there are amused as fuck.

The Bullhorn of SILVER BROWN

The Long-Awaited Interview of SILVER BROWN

Here it is, folks. The interview. Turns out it’s not an actual podcast, but an export of the original Skype video chat session, uploaded to YouTube. So you can actually see my face in this. I guess I’ll end up losing some of that Led Zeppelin-esque mystique I was originally going for when I started these writing endeavours, but I enjoyed myself in the process of losing it. In the end, that’s all that matters.

A special shout-out goes to Fanshawe College for the use of their wi-fi. I could have easily done this interview at home, but my apartment is very bare-bones and plain, completely devoid of any kind of furniture. I figured one of the study lounges on campus would have made for a more visually appealing backdrop, to say nothing of the fact that said study lounges have plenty of comfortable chairs to sit on. That, and I wasn’t sure what kind of dirty looks I would get from my roommates.

The Bullhorn of SILVER BROWN

Kent Fairholt Has Hatched!

As is my usual custom whenever there’s a solstice or equinox, I have published a brand-spankin’ new edition of the Silver Brown e-book. Only one new chapter is included with this version, but what a chapter it is. It has a total of five segments, and is the first of three nonconsecutive chapters in the book to be narrated by some guy named Kent Fairholt. An ancient character who I first devised around 2011. Within the context of Silver Brown, he’s the white rabbit who leads Florys down the rabbit hole. Except he’s not a rabbit. He’s a guy. A cross between my brother and an old friend of mine who I lost contact with about ten years ago, with bits and pieces of various shady guys I’ve met in bars over the years. At least that’s who he was when I first created him. He’s still that guy, more or less. Currently rides a motorscooter, with a sassy talking ferret for a sidekick. A ferret who isn’t actually a ferret.

“Click on me and I’ll smack you…”