The Bullhorn of SILVER BROWN

Now Playing: Chapter 5 (and maybe 6)

Chapter Five of SILVER BROWN is currently being scattered into the fiery Twitterverse at a rate of a page a day. For over forty days. I’ll throw in Chapter Six as well during this cycle. Because why not? Five and Six form a distinct two-part story arc within the larger narrative, but the latter is much shorter. Only a few pages long, but an important chapter to the overall plot.


The Bullhorn of SILVER BROWN

It’s The Great Autumnal Molting, Charlie Brown

We have arrived at another spoke on the grand geological wheel of time. Hence, a brand-spankin’ new edition of the SILVER BROWN e-book has been published. This one includes three new chapters. All relatively short, chock full of exhibition and a few flashbacks and general dafuqitude. There’s also a creature in there that’s something like the Sarlacc off Return of the Jedi, only it lives inside a toolshed. In its belly you may or may not find a new definition of pain and suffering, depending on who you ask.

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The Bullhorn of SILVER BROWN

Now Playing: Chapters 3 and 4 (The Late Show)

Chapters Three and Four of SILVER BROWN will be gradually revealed to the good citizens of Planet Earth via Facebook over the course of these next few weeks, for the benefit of the fine folks at home who didn’t catch the initial showing of these chapters on Twitter way back in July.

I’ll always tweet new chapters before using them to toilet paper Mr. Zuckerberg’s lawn, but in some ways Facebook is a more suitable medium for this sort of thing. It’s slightly more conducive to in-depth leisurely reading and archiving images and memories for the long term. Twitter operates in a very different manner – it was designed to cater to our inner goldfish. Anything more than ten minutes old is as stale as last week’s leftover doughnuts. A typical tweet gets a reaction like this:


There’s always a few that will be liked and retweeted:


If it’s something about a massacre or a racist or homophobic comment some politician tweeted years ago that their rivals dug up in order to use it against them in their smear campaigning, the reaction will more like this: