A Painful Lego Brick on the Stairway to Heaven

My original plan was to acquire the synthesizer first, before deciding on a guitar to put it on. But it appears now that those plans will have to change. A salesperson from the retailer I ordered the synth from contacted me the day after I placed the order, to inform me that due to supply-and-demand issues with the manufacturer, I’ll likely be waiting a bit longer for that delivery to happen than the two weeks it initially said on the site. Details were scant about exactly how much longer, but a possibility I might not get the synth before the end of the summer was tossed about during the conversation. At any rate, this puts a damper on my musical ambitions for the immediate future. The summer of 2023 was going to be the summer I constructed the pedalboard of my dreams, and that synth was the planned centerpiece.

Despite the setback, I’m still forging ahead with my plan to make this a musical summer. I’ve got the software I need for recording and mixing. The temporary(?) absence of an important piece of equipment will necessitate a change in musical direction, however. At least in the beginning. I was originally going to do this whole Moody Blues-tinged quixotic ode complete with an orchestral score where I do my best attempt at Michael Kamen. The end result of that would probably suck eggs to all hell, but doing it would be a gas and a half. Since the orchestra’s not going to show up anytime soon though, I’ll have to put away the baton and start with something slightly less grandiose. At this point I’m thinking multipart garage-rock renditions of the classics. With a few earthy self-penned blues numbers thrown in. I could probably fashion bass lines from the amp feedback.

Good thing to keep in mind.


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