I’ve Got the Mouth, Just Waitin’ On the Innards

Since I’m not making any definitive plans to go on any concert tours in the immediate future, I knew I wouldn’t need a really fancy amp for this endeavour. Just a basic ten-watter that I can use for practice and home recording, similar to the one I used to have years ago. The day I actually went out amp-shopping turned out to be my lucky day, for this was the last one of these they had in stock…

It’s a Marshall! It really, really is!

I was told by a salesperson before I test-drove this thing in-store that playing anything heavy and Pantera-like would be deeply upsetting to the gaggle of elderly women seated in the orthopedic chairs a few feet away from us (for sale in the same store, for alas, hip-hop has overtaken rock n’ roll as the devil’s music and many independent guitarmongers can no longer stay in business by just selling guitars). So I went with a crowd-pleasing rendition of CCR’s Proud Mary. Didn’t even ask about their No Stairway policy.


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