A Woodsy Centennial (of sorts)

I’ll start this off with a brief announcement. When I eventually press the publish button on this thing, it’ll be the one hundredth post on this blog. Break out the freaking party hats…

Avoiding people at all costs has become the new black, and the deep woods is by far the best place to do that, assuming one is in an area where there are no devastating wildfires to speak of. In my overall pursuit of cultivating my woodland qi, I’ve gotten into the habit of avoiding the chain restaurants and big-box stores almost like they were composed of the Deranging Seed of COVID the Bat-Demon Itself. The money I paid for this item in particular will help somebody feed their (starving?) dog during this arduous period in world history. That’s certainly something I can feel good about. Anything for a dog.

Round-the-clock protection from split ends. It’s like deodorant for your face…

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