The Bullhorn of SILVER BROWN

Kent Fairholt Has Hatched!

As is my usual custom whenever there’s a solstice or equinox, I have published a brand-spankin’ new edition of the Silver Brown e-book. Only one new chapter is included with this version, but what a chapter it is. It has a total of five segments, and is the first of three nonconsecutive chapters in the book to be narrated by some guy named Kent Fairholt. An ancient character who I first devised around 2011. Within the context of Silver Brown, he’s the white rabbit who leads Florys down the rabbit hole. Except he’s not a rabbit. He’s a guy. A cross between my brother and an old friend of mine who I lost contact with about ten years ago, with bits and pieces of various shady guys I’ve met in bars over the years. At least that’s who he was when I first created him. He’s still that guy, more or less. Currently rides a motorscooter, with a sassy talking ferret for a sidekick. A ferret who isn’t actually a ferret.

“Click on me and I’ll smack you…”

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