The Journey of SILVER BROWN

Chewing The Cud

The two most recent chapters I’ve been editing lately are being stripped and fused together. There was too much needless exhibition that bogged down the story in the earlier drafts, so I’ve begun the process of gutting all that in order to grow a new literary Frankenstein from the tissue samples that remain. This will make for a better kickoff into the next act, methinks. Not to mention it’ll leave more creative room for The Lads to take on more horrifying guises.

Writing is never a waste of time. Even if you don’t use something you write, there’s always a reason why you wrote it. I save every morsel of prose I have ever composed, good or bad. My past life as a web developer begat that habit. The conventional wisdom in web development is that unused code snippets should never be deleted while a website is under construction. They should merely be commented out, for you never know if or when they might come in handy. The same principle applies to written prose. If a passage gets extracted from a manuscript for whatever reason, there’s a special file where I put it for safekeeping, in case I feel that need to regurgitate it for later.


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